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‘Benefit’-Records for Japan

Once again, I’m proud to be a fan of a band, that really cares for the rest of the world. Though ‘Music for Relief’ isn’t in the media as much as it would deserve to be, it gives every single cent to the people who need it in Japan right now. I didn’t expect Lady Gaga to do the same when I heard about the project she’s involved in, but I have to say that I’m really disappointed, that people like Bruno Mars, U2 or even Eminem give their name to such a disgusting project.

In germany, ‘Music for Japan’ is being sold for almost 10€. If you think, that the whole amount would actually go to Japan… it doesn’t. From every sold record, only 7.04€ go to the people who need it. This is no Benefit-Record, this is pure advertisement for the so called ‘artists’ involved, that make PROFIT out of such a horrible disaster.

If you want to help Japan and be sure that your money goes straight to Japan, and not into the pockets of ‘stars’ that already have more than enough money, I recommend Download to Donate. You give 10$ and get a library of music that’s going to increase over the next months. Don’t ‘donate’ to a project that doesn’t give shit about the victims in japan.



image of the invisible

During the next few weeks and months, this site is supposed to be filled with my creative pourings. Nevertheless, this is still a blog, and though I want to dedicate it to my photographs, music, literature and art in general, you can also await reading about recent topics that occupy my mind.